Welcome! Please read the instructions carefully


-Be sure your computer has the capacity to deal with downloading heavy files.

-If posible, close any other app in your computer before beginning. Do this to prevent overloading the bandwidth for some files of this exam are very heavy.

-Apply your exam in one session.

-Once in the first question your passwords are canceled and your examination will be considered as applied for both academic and administrative purposes.

-You have a 90 seconds window to answer any of the questions or reading instructions.

-Don't delay but don't rush either to prevent your session from being aborted.

-Do not leave your exam unattended for any reason.

-Do not take breaks between sections or the anti-fraud lock will terminate your session..

-Do not get distracted. Apply your exam without interruptions.

-Make sure you have a secure connection, preferably hard line.

-Do not delay too much in filling out the personal data form.

-Keep a headset handy and make sure it is properly connected. You may need it.

-Filters apply in questions 25th and 50th of the General Knowledge Test. If by then you have not shown the required level to continue, the application will automatically close and report. There Is no need for you to report this to your recruiter.

-Be sure to refresh your browser session each time you want to repeat the audio of your listening test or your test could be aborted. The more repetitions you require, the higher your degree will be affected negatively.

-Before applying the pronunciation section of your assessment, be sure to grant the app permission to use your mic and deploy pop up windows. Make sure your mic is not muted.

-After you finish recording your pronunciation test and have clicked the STOP button, WAIT for the app to end the uploading process. Do nothing, you will automatically be sent to the ending page.

-In the unlikely event your connection is lost while applying your exam or the image freezes on your computer, you will not be able to recover the session. Don't worry, contact your recruiter and ask for a new set of passwords. You can apply on this app as many times as needed, whether it's the complete exam or any section you have missed.


Be careful!


If you overextend while answering any of the questions, instructions or by any other reason leave your evaluation unattended, or if you do not follow the given instructions correctly, the anti-fraud lock will apply and the session will be closed on the server. In this case, an error message will appear on your screen. This situation will not be attributable to the application because it would be a consequence of an oversight by the applicant. You will then need to contact your recruiters and request new passwords.

This appraisal is just a part of the recruitment process you are involved in. Impersonation will lead to an automatic disqualification from the process and your name would be shared as a fraudster to all our corporate partners. Play it safe.


This site has anti-fraud padlocks enabled. Your performance will be monitored and any attempt to cheat will be communicated to the contracting company. Play it safe.

We strongly recommend you purchase a diploma to support any future job search as an indispensable part of your resume.

Good luck in your appraisal!

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