Evaluate your recruits and employees in various functional areas of your business in order to enhance the bilingual performance of your company:


Aeronautical | Contracts | Futures Market | Airline hostesses

Banking | Product Development | Stock Market | Monetary Terms | Communications | Financial Environment

Organizational Behavior | | Marketing | Tourism | Finance | HR Induction | Sales | Accounting | Real Estate

HR Recruitment | International Accounting | Legal | Insurance


Appraisals designed to validate the Business English expertise of those applicants who have already shown high proficiency levels in their General English assessments.

The reports generated by the Business and Spanish Exams use the American grading scale. They do not have the depth of analysis of the General English Exam for it is mandatory that the applicants have applied the latter before applying for any exam in this catalogue.

Profit from your Team's Business English Proficiency

American grading scale

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Inpae / International Profiles of Academic English

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