The English general knowledge test reports very accurate equivalencies. In the unlikely event that reading and/or listening comprehension assessments should not match the English General Knowledge and/or percentage of language skills report, such assessment should be repeated or validated with a “one on one” test. This situation could be due to factors beyond the applicant's control or to distracting factors present on site.

The TOEIC, TOEFL, ILR, CEFR, ALTE and/or Cambridge* estimated ranges obtained from the first section of the exam are just that, an estimate, not a certification, and as such should be borne by the evaluators. These values ​​may vary according to the specific resources of each applicant, as well as their personal skills in grammar, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, written production and oral production, and are no guarantee that such applicant would obtain such score in case of a simultaneous certification via TOEIC, TOEFL , ILR , CEFR , ALTE and/or Cambridge*

Being the current assessment a placement test and not a certification, it will be the job of the evaluators to match the TOEIC, TOEFL , ILR , CEFR , ALTE and/or Cambridge* parameters currently used in their selection processes with the estimated values our assessment reports.

INPAE, at all times, recommends applying any of the prime world tests only for those recruits that having already overcome the initial stages of the recruitment process, require to certify their English level.

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