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Accurate Equivalencies

Our assessments are backed up by accurate equivalencies with some of the world's most recognized exams and certifiers. Over 50,000 applied tests guarantee close matching, allowing our partners to relay on them with absolute confidence through their pre recruitment, recruitment and subsequent certification processes.


TOEIC / "Test of English for International Communication" USA

TOEFL / "Test of English as a Foreign Language" USA

CAMBRIDGE / "English for Speakers of other Languages" UK

IRL / “Interagency Language Roundtable” USA

CEFR / “Common European Framework of Reference of Languages” EU

ALTE / “Association of Language Testers in Europe” EU

Listen to your Applicants Remotely

Listen to the accent and pronunciation of your recruits whether they are in your premises or not. Decide on the convenience of integrating them into your team or even if it's worthwhile to interview them. Never so easy, within reach of a click. Guided speech (reading aloud) and free speech available.

Results in your e-mail in less than 60 minutes

As soon as the applicant clicks the end of his test en e.mail will be sent to the administrator letting him know the test has been finished. General info included with a link to the full Report.

Business English Tests

Evaluate your recruits and employees in various functional areas of your business in order to enhance the bilingual performance of your company:


Aeronautical | Contracts | Futures Market | Airline hostesses

Banking | Product Development | Stock Market | Monetary Terms | Communications | Financial Environment

Organizational Behavior | | Marketing | Tourism | Finance | HR Induction | Sales | Accounting | Real Estate

HR Recruitment | International Accounting | Legal | Insurance


Tests designed to validate the level of expertise of the applicants Business English and who have already shown high proficiency levels in their primary assessments.

International Profiles of Academic English 2020

Mexico, Ciudad Capital CDMX

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